Capillary Action

Capillary action – The tendency of water or any other liquid to seek out the smallest possible space and to work its way up through small openings such as the spaces in a sponge or in soil. Share/Bookmark  Read More →

Blooming Daffodils

Question: Why does one of my groups of daffodils bloom two weeks ahead of another planting of the same variety in another part of the grounds? Answer: It is probably sunlight and good drainage that make the difference. Clumps of one variety in... Read More...

What is Bud?

Bud – The portion of a plant from which a shoot, cluster of leaves or a flower develops. Share/Bookmark Read More →

Cutting Daffodils Foliage

Question: Is it true that cutting off the foliage of my daffodils while still green will prevent their blooming next spring? Answer: Yes. If your bulbs are big and husky, a few may bloom despite this tough treatment; but if they are only average, you... Read More...

Four O’clock Flowers and Plants

I plant Mirabilis jalapa (Marvel of Peru or the old-fashioned Four O’Clock) around my vegetable garden as a border, spacing the seeds closer than usual. By the middle of July, I have a lovely flowering hedge that sometimes lasts until frost.... Read More...

Bright Light

Bright light – The intensity within three feet of a south, west or east-facing window. Bright light should be filtered or indirect, though. Don’t confuse it with full sunshine, which can burn leaves of most houseplants. Share/Bookmark Read More →

Climbing Roses

Question: I plan to air layer several climbing roses this month. When should I remove the rooted branches? Answer: Any time after a good root system has formed you can remove the layered branches. If you use a transparent plastic for wrapping, you will... Read More...

Artificial Light

Artificial light – Certain wavelengths from fluorescent tubes and incandescent bulbs can supplement or entirely substitute for natural sunlight. Check grow-lights, natural light. Share/Bookmark Read More →

Growing Azaleas

Question: Although I feed and water my azaleas well, they do not grow. They get plenty of shade from large shrubs that grow just behind them. Answer: The trouble, no doubt, is caused by the roots of the neighboring shrubs, which use most of the food... Read More...

Fringed Bleeding Heart

Although it looks delicate and has a feathery, light appearance, the Everblooming Fringed Bleeding Heart (Dicentra eximia) is one of the sturdiest plants I know. This plant is closely related to Dicentra spectabilis which has arching sprays of pink... Read More...

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