Capillary Action

Capillary action – The tendency of water or any other liquid to seek out the smallest possible space and to work its way up through small openings such as the spaces in a sponge or in soil. Share/Bookmark Read More →

Blooming Daffodils

Question: Why does one of my groups of daffodils bloom two weeks ahead of another planting of the same variety in another part of the grounds? Answer: It is probably sunlight and good drainage that make the difference. Clumps of one variety in... Read More...

What is Bud?

Bud – The portion of a plant from which a shoot, cluster of leaves or a flower develops. Share/Bookmark Read More →

Cutting Daffodils Foliage

Question: Is it true that cutting off the foliage of my daffodils while still green will prevent their blooming next spring? Answer: Yes. If your bulbs are big and husky, a few may bloom despite this tough treatment; but if they are only average, you... Read More...

Four O’clock Flowers and Plants

I plant Mirabilis jalapa (Marvel of Peru or the old-fashioned Four O’Clock) around my vegetable garden as a border, spacing the seeds closer than usual. By the middle of July, I have a lovely flowering hedge that sometimes lasts until frost.... Read More...

Bright Light

Bright light – The intensity within three feet of a south, west or east-facing window. Bright light should be filtered or indirect, though. Don’t confuse it with full sunshine, which can burn leaves of most houseplants. Share/Bookmark Read More →

Climbing Roses

Question: I plan to air layer several climbing roses this month. When should I remove the rooted branches? Answer: Any time after a good root system has formed you can remove the layered branches. If you use a transparent plastic for wrapping, you will... Read More...

Artificial Light

Artificial light – Certain wavelengths from fluorescent tubes and incandescent bulbs can supplement or entirely substitute for natural sunlight. Check grow-lights, natural light. Share/Bookmark Read More →

Fringed Bleeding Heart

Although it looks delicate and has a feathery, light appearance, the Everblooming Fringed Bleeding Heart (Dicentra eximia) is one of the sturdiest plants I know. This plant is closely related to Dicentra spectabilis which has arching sprays of pink... Read More...

Bells Of lreland

While trying unusual annuals some years ago, we found Bells of Ireland. Since then we’ve raised it in our garden each year. It likes lots of sunshine and water and thrives in any good garden soil that will raise vegetables. Molucella laevis (Shell... Read More...

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