What are Rhizomes?

[ad#promo-content-atf-200-left] Rhizomes – A type of elongated stem beneath the growing surface from which new shoots or plants arise. Share/Bookmark Read More →

Dried Fragrant Leaves or Flowers

[ad#promo-content-atf-200-left] Question: Could you tell me the names of some plants for our garden with fragrant leaves or flowers that can be dried and that will retain their fragrance? I’d like to use them to make packets for storage trunks and... Read More...

What is Plant Pruning?

[ad#promo-content-atf-200-left] Pruning – Cutting back a plant for stronger, fuller growth. More drastic than pinching back. Share/Bookmark Read More →

What is Pinching Back?

[ad#promo-content-atf-200-left] Pinching back – To pinch off growth at tips of plants to encourage side growth to make a plant bushier. Share/Bookmark Read More →

Flowering Crape Myrtles

Question: I have several crape myrtles which do not bloom. Could you give me information about flowering crape myrtle? HO., Oklahoma. Answer: Crape myrtle is a most satisfactory blooming plant wherever it is hardy. In your state the crape myrtle... Read More...

What is Photosynthesis?

[ad#promo-content-atf-200-left] Photosynthesis – The action of light on the chlorophyll in plants that results in the plant making food. Share/Bookmark Read More →

What is Phototropic?

[ad#promo-content-atf-200-left] Phototropic – Describes a plant’s natural tendency to grow toward its light source. Well-rounded plants should be rotated every few days or they’ll begin to lean. Share/Bookmark Read More →

Small Shasta Daisies

Question: I have several shasta daisies which I grew from seeds. Their blossoms have always remained about the size of a door knob, although they are supposed to flower at about three plus to better than four inches in size. Would you suggest soil... Read More...

Over-Watering Plants #1 Killer

[ad#promo-content-atf-200-left] Over-watering – Perhaps the number one killer of soil-grown plants. All too often you don’t realize they’re getting too much moisture until roots begin to rot. Share/Bookmark Read More →

What is Overfeeding?

[ad#promo-content-atf-200-left] Overfeeding – Perhaps the number two enemy of soil-grown plants. Too much fertilizer and the victim dies from excess fertilizer salts which “burn off” functioning roots. Share/Bookmark Read More →

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