Flowering Crape Myrtles

Question: I have several crape myrtles which do not bloom. Could you give me information about flowering crape myrtle? HO., Oklahoma.

Answer: Crape myrtle is a most satisfactory blooming plant wherever it is hardy. In your state the crape myrtle should bloom freely if given proper growing conditions. First they should be planted where they get lots of sunlight and a good circulation of air. They will need only moderate watering. In periods of drought, if the leaves become droopy, give them a thorough soaking, which should be ample for ten days or more. Probably the most important thing to increase the amount of bloom is pruning. Since the plant produces bloom on the current season’s growth it is advisable to cut the plants back severely in early spring. Cut them almost to the ground. The new growths will come up rapidly and put forth a heavy crop of bloom.

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